Awaken With Animals

Ep 23: Brigger’s Gift ~ Love’s Light in the Essence of Healing

November 24, 2021 Marybeth Haines Episode 23
Awaken With Animals
Ep 23: Brigger’s Gift ~ Love’s Light in the Essence of Healing
Show Notes

In the last episode of the Awaken With Animals podcast, a very special soul in the form of a sheep came forward sharing the vibration of one last gift she had for the world.

Following in her footsteps, and in this episode, another beautiful being that I have the gift of sharing life with decided to create a Part 2 for healing with ‘Love’s Light’.

In September of 2020, a bearded dragon named Brigger was born into this world. She came with a specific purpose, although she didn’t know what it was at that time.

During the first 4-6 weeks after her birth, something traumatic happened and she began to experience life in a new and different way.

Now that she is just over a year in age, she has come to the space where she is ready for healing. And guess what????

She decided to do this publicly right here on this episode!

Brigger has brought forward a gift for us all.

She calls it the “Gift Of Love’s Light In The Essence Of Healing”, and you are invited to join Brigger in this powerful episode in which she shares with you the opportunity to be able to work on the inner YOU; to be able to bring forward that essence of YOU that derives from the space where love and light are created.

Please join me as we unite with Brigger and learn how she has chosen to not only bring healing to herself, but as she brings forward this gift of healing for us all!

PS. Three cheers to YOU, Brigger! I love you, my beautiful soul friend! xo

Love and blessings,

Marybeth xo

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