Awaken With Animals

Ep 18: The Land of Perihelion

September 08, 2021 Episode 18
Awaken With Animals
Ep 18: The Land of Perihelion
Show Notes

There is a land called Perihelion and it’s an absolutely magical land! It’s located here on earth and is a place where I had the gift of growing from childhood to early adulthood. My father named this land “Perihelion” and it means “the point of a planet when it is closest to the sun” or “the point nearest to the sun in the path of an orbiting celestial body”.

Growing up on this land brought many gifts. Through triumphs, tribulations, celebrations and loss, this space always remained the, strong, vibrant.

I had the honour of revisiting this land after many years, and the gifts it provided were immeasurable. In this episode, you are invited to come and journey with me to this land called “Perihelion”, and learn of it’s many blessings in the form of animals, insects, elementals and their messages.

During this time together, we can and will activate a deeper and meaningful life! Please join me!

Love and blessings,

Marybeth xo

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