Awaken With Animals

Ep 12: The Blessing of Animals - Pet Loss Support

June 09, 2021 Episode 12
Awaken With Animals
Ep 12: The Blessing of Animals - Pet Loss Support
Show Notes

Did you know that our thinking is what keeps us stuck in grief? Society has taught us to keep our emotions inside, and if we don't receive the permission and the right environment for release, these same emotions can become toxic. The typical time period for healing is anywhere from 5 to 8 years...and sometimes even longer. Over 50 million people are suffering from grief or heartbreak, and if you’re one of these people, I want you to know that you are not alone.

Companioning is all about honouring the journey, walking together through a significant event, being present to another person's pain, and listening from the heart. It is not about directing someone through analyzing and treating, it's about sharing the journey as a companion, becoming still, and learning from each other.

This is something that really touches home for me. When I think about all the animals I have spent time with here on earth, and who have transitioned to spirit through death, it brings me a lot of sadness. It also brings me joy to be able to communicate with them in spirit, hearing how sometimes they get new jobs, or come back to me in another form.

In this episode, we will connect with the animals you’ve been with in your life, have shared time with here on earth, and who are now in spirit form. This is a time to honour them, and connect to them through your heart centre. This is a time for healing. Please join me, and let’s get started!

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