Awaken With Animals

Ep 10: The Road to Awareness Healing Experience

May 12, 2021 Episode 10
Awaken With Animals
Ep 10: The Road to Awareness Healing Experience
Show Notes

There is a new vibration present, and it is of love. Many of us are aware of it, however, because of certain life experiences, some of us have energetically closed off the acceptance of this energy as a protective mechanism for feeling safe. For change can be frightening. This layer of protection has served us for a while, but now many of us feel that it’s time to release and change what no longer fits. A change in paradigm, and a powerful graduation to the next phase of our journey.

We want to invite this new, loving energy in. But because of the protective barrier we initially created, we may feel resistance. For that inner part of us, that created this barrier in the first place, still has some uncertainty. For we have created a blockage between our heart and throat centres, manifesting stagnation and feeling stuck.

In this episode, 3 animals with a powerful gift come forward, and share with us an opportunity for deep cleansing and healing. They remind us that through this journey, we are on the “road to awareness” and the “path to entitlement”. We deserve this, they say, and for those of us that are open, they offer us a loving space, and tools for doing this deep, healing journey. We all have free will, and it’s our decision if we want to do this or not. What will you choose? If now is the time, let’s proceed. If it’s not time right now, that’s okay! You will know when/if the time is right for you, and are supported either way.

Have some water ready, a piece of paper, and something to write with. If this resonates with you, and you are ready to bring your life experience to a new level of healing, let’s begin xo.

**Do not listen to this episode while driving. 
**This episode also offers guidance for deep healing through our physical, auric, and energetic fields. The healing energy is not meant for medical treatment, nor to be used as medical advice. It is always recommended to consult a trained medical or holistic professional for specific medical treatment. 

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