Awaken With Animals

Ep 08: The Case of the Missing Episode

April 14, 2021 Marybeth Haines Episode 8
Awaken With Animals
Ep 08: The Case of the Missing Episode
Show Notes

Have you ever had something disappear out of thin air? I mean, really disappear? Well guess what?!?!? That’s what happened in the original recording of this 8th episode of Awaken With Animals. How funny is that?

Well, at first, I didn’t think it was funny. In fact, I felt disappointed.  My ego mind wanted to figure out what happened and find it no matter what. My inner guidance however stepped up to accept what happened without questioning any further. I felt much better after that. Where this particular episode went, I do not know. Will it show up one day? Perhaps! We will see, right?

Until then, I will continue to trust the journey, invite you to do the same, and join me with fun and unity as we unite together in this new episode. We will learn more about the art of acceptance, as well as connect with two beautiful frequencies that have joined us to teach and share the honouring of the shadow aspect of ourselves. Let’s do this!

PS. What do you want to hear in these episodes? What topics are of interest to you? Shoot me a message and let me know! I’ll work with the animals in creating some episodes about them xo.

PPS. If there are any private investigators out there who specialize in missing episodes, help! Just kidding!  :)

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