Awaken With Animals

Awaken With Animals & Activate a Deeper & Meaningful Life

December 01, 2020 Marybeth Haines
Awaken With Animals
Awaken With Animals & Activate a Deeper & Meaningful Life
Show Notes

Hi friends! It’s Marybeth Haines and I’m the GAL Who Speaks With Animals. I’m so excited you’re here and extend this warm and loving welcome! This is Awaken With Animals, a podcast helping you to activate a deeper and meaningful life through their teachings and offerings to humanity. 

What is Awaken With Animals All About?

Awaken With Animals presents itself to you in the form of a podcast, however, it has been inspired forward by some very special beings…the animals who wish to offer their teachings and guidance to humanity.

Awaken With Animals is a collection of inspiring channellings from the animals themselves, and messages of guidance from them, those that we call our friends. We’ll delve into the heart of the mind, body, spirit, and soul. Along with friends, some old, some new, I’ll be having impactful conversations with other like-minded people who share a variety of profound experiences that animals and other sentient beings have brought to their lives. Anything from the journey of healing to the celebrations of life, there’s an animal with a story to tell, a lesson to teach us, and a gift to provide to us all. 

Awaken With Animals promises to bring you uplifting inspiration and divine loving guidance. I’ll be calling upon the collective animal energy, animal spirit, and the beings of light to match and join our vibration. I’ll be the conduit in which to channel their messages of love and hope as well as help you with your own connection to the animals in your life, in nature, and more. We’ll explore all of this with our heart’s authenticity and our soul’s growth in a space of divine wisdom and love….always. 

So be prepared to be amazed at just how profoundly deep an animal’s message can be, why they are here to assist humanity, and just how many blessings they have to share with you. It is my heart’s intention that as we awaken with animals, we can and will activate a deeper and meaningful life! 

Please help me share these stories and messages on your social media platforms. By doing this, we can reach more and more people on a global scale!

I’d also like to ask you; “What would you like to hear from animals? Any specific topics or questions you have for them?” If you’d like to request a special series topic, have had a profound experience with animals that needs to be shared or feel you have a topic for making this podcast even greater, simply send me a private message. You’ll find how to reach me below. 

Thank you for being here! Big blessings!

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